Mock test


Q.1  In the following word find the same meaning as the word given below. ?


(a)substitute   (b)alternate(c)crucial  (d)devastating

Q.2  In the following word find the opposite  meaning as the word given below. ?


(a)notorious    (b)malevolent   (c)altruistic   (d)malinger

Q.3 in the following question a group of words is given find the suitable one word substitution for given phrase ?

Science dealing with bird life

(a)zymology     (b)ornithology   (c)etymology     (d)philology

Q.4 find idiom phrase ?

 In black and white

(a) with two alternatives     (b)in writing     (c)clearly      (d)sternly

Q.5 in the following question choose the miss spelt  word ?





Direction Question 6-10 fill the most suitable word in the blank .

6.How much longer……….this book?

(a)you are needing              (b)will you be needing

(c)will you have needed    (d)have you needed

7.Last December the mercury had……… 2 degree centigrade in New Delhi.

(a)decreased           (b)reduced

(d)lowered                (c)dipped

8.Do you prefer……….on traditional art forms?

(a)archaic               (b)contemporary

(c)foreign                (d)simultaneous

9.The Paralympics is a competition for the…

(a)disadvantaged           (b)discouraged

(c)disabled                        (d)despised

10.The worker used…… patch up the hole in the wall.

(b)cement          (a)sand

(d)grass               (C)Soil

Direction Question 11-13 find which part have error

11.Every boy and every girl(A)/were given (B)/a packet of sweets (C)/No error(D)

12.Neither the girl  nor her parents (A)/was present(B)/to receive the  award.(C)/No error.(D)

13.Each of these body(A)/ play(B) /games.(C)/No error(D)

(Direction question 14-15 improve the underline word with sutibale option )

14.Mira told her brother that she had made a mistake.

(a)said to              (b)pleaded to

(c)admitted to       (d)No improvement

15.Veterinarians usually give dogs an anesthetic so that they mayn’t cry out in pain.

(a) flip            (b)yelp

(c)purr            (d)No improvement

Q.16 in the following question the fist and the last sentence of the passage are numbered 1 and 6 the rest of the passage is split into four part and named P,Q,R,S these four part are not given in their proper order. Read the sentence and find out which of the four combination is correct.

(1) The transition from:

(P)school to college

(O)meet it

(R)so one must

(S)is demanding

(6) without expectations.

(B)PSRQ    (A)SQRP    (D)RQPS     (C)PRQS

Q.17 change in to comparative degree


(a) grave              (b)  gravest  

(c)  graver             (d) more grave

Q.18 find plural of given word


(a) cargos              (b)  cargoes  

(c) cargies              (d) cargo

Q.19 A sentence has been given in Active/Passive form. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Active/ Passive form.

I was recommended another lawyer.

(A)Somebody recommended another

(B)Somebody recommended me to another lawyer.

(C)Somebody recommended me another lawyer.

(D)Somebody recommends me another lawyer.

Q.20 In each of the following questions, a sentence .has been given in Direct Speech .Out of four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Indirect Speech.

John said, “I shall  be 21 tomorrow”

(A)John said that I shall be 21 tomorrow

(B)John said that he should be 21 tomorrow

(C)John said that he would be 21 the following day

 (D)John said that he should be 21 the following day

                                        Answer key

Q.N 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
 B B B B C B  C B C

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