The Violence In Movies, group discussion for Air force airmen x and y group

The Violence In Movies,  group discussion for Air force airmen x and y group

The Violence In Movies group discussion essay 

Do violent movies cause people to be violent? Violence is a very delicate topic and it raises the attention of producers, because they are affecting lives around the world, the movie producers see this as an opportunity to bump up their ratings by making violence more popular. Aiming to keep profits high, they target young adults through advertisements and keeping them informed with previews about what movies are coming up next. Research has shown different aspects of violence in creation by media sources, news, publishers, and even books written specifically based on the effects of violent behavior in movies affecting people’s lives. There are diverse ways in which to consider the rating for violent movies, and different laws are passed in every country regarding the age that people are able to watch a specific violent movie. At a young age children are more vulnerable to practicing what is filmed on the big screen. Arguments are seen in the public eye, as a way to stop the creation of violent movies and create or recreate stories which are suitable for the public eye to view without endangering their way of living in a normal society. This subject also answers to what is the cause for gun violence, drugs, gangs, attempted murders, and a large variety of vicious attacks in society. It is known that the mind acts as a triggering device which takes actions based on what images or information it has received. Negative information or images are processed through and give out a harmful response to the collector or to the people around him. Harmful, downbeat or depressing movies can change a characters view on things or can change their personality. It might bring back depressing moments in someone’s living or make them feel insecure about things in life, making them choose wrong options, doing drugs, mistreating their family, breaking laws etc. These are some examples of how people react to a violent movie, by identifying the argument based on reality.


On Children and Teenagers. According to research that is dated not only in present, but also in long passed years, violent movies tend to affect mostly children and young adults. Watching violent movies does not only affect the youngsters’ behavior and tendencies to violence, but it also causes lower grades in classrooms. In the article Adolescents who watch violent films get poorer grades in the classroom written by Richard Gray Science Correspondent for, Dr. James Sargent, a pediatrician at Dartmouth Medical Center and the scientist who led an investigation concerning effects of violent movies on children, says: “These are young adolescents who really should not be watching this type of adult material. Watching a lot of violent material seems to crank up their rebelliousness.” Violent movies disrupt sleep and leave children not so eager for hard work and concentration in classrooms, which automatically leads to a considerable drop in grades and accumulation and assimilation of knowledge. The same research also proved that students with excellent scholastic results dropped from 50% to 25% in grades. Other studies, though few of them, have compared various types of TV violence in United States, Japan, and Spain. Japanese television illustrates fewer physical of fatal injuries that the U.S. or Spain. Another study has shown that increasing violent expression of teenagers is directly linked to the violence on TV and movies in other countries. A child who is exposed to raging shows at ages 6 or 8 predicted aggression 2 years later among many boys and girls in the United States, Finland, Poland, and Israel. A new question rises: Why and how do children have access to headstrong programs? Who should be considered guilty for it? On, in an article entitled Movie Violence Can Overwhelm Children, by Rick Nauert PHD Senior News Editor, Keilah Worth, the leader of the study says:

In Britain, no adolescent would be admitted to these movies unless they were 18. The R rating in this country is clearly not preventing our young people from seeing them . . . We know so much about the harmful effects of exposure to violent media content, but how much exposure children actually get has been largely ignored. Now, we’re learning more about the large numbers of kids seeing this material and who they are . . . We should re-think the current movie rating system, which has been in place for 40 years, and was designed when kids could only see movies in theaters. Ratings need to be more prominent on all movies, whether they are seen in theaters or purchased in the store, and we need clearer messages to parents. Pediatricians and child advocates should instruct parents to strictly abide by the movie-age guidelines and to closely monitor movie viewing.


Students discussion  

Dilnoza said: 
Hi, everyone.

This is an interesting topic to speak about, l think, yes, l believe that showing violence and crime should not be allowed because youngsters don't know what thing is true or wrong.


Andy said: 
I think that it should be allowed to a certain extent. If some films didn't have any violence, it would ruin the plot and would make the film boring. However, if there is a fight every five minutes then it would also be boring and could encourage violence. If all crime was removed, then mysteries about a murder would not be possible. This would reduce the number of films and would mean banning a perfectly good genre. I would understand banning it for criminals and children, but for everyone would be too much.


Sourav said:
According to parliament and laws of film and production, it clearly says "no violence and any anti-religion or cast subjectwise should not mention in any film. " Not only the government but also all common citizen of our country must be campaign a hoarding against violent acts.

We all must be increase our own awareness of it otherwise, we all of the human society (from child to old) everyone suffers these great nuances nowadays. According to my opinion, pornography is considered a criminal offence because of it explicit sexuality (X/Y) which is very wrong and aware people to make a vast difference between genders. Which is a puzzle and illusion also? Wso. We all of the human being are a labour of our own habit (bad/ good). Amaturely, it's also true, that we all want to get all things all types of entertainment without any labour and whose most preferable and easiest way is our Smartphone and high-speed internet.

Especially, Child pornography is the most common and main part of this. Most of the child starts to see adult content on his/her adolescence period of time which is the best time to prepare self for which he/she wants to be in future. But not only porn responsible but also BollywBollywood, Hollywood and Hollywood industry have a place of great penance or troublesome for mostly young aspirations. Porn-induced OCD is commonly occurred basically after childhood trauma (TBI) traumatic brain injury and incremental risk factors may be responsible for sometimes. According to DSM-V (MAS-II) porn and film oriented mental problems are not belongs to in the diagnosis in Psychiatry.


Pramod T said: 
Whatever we see should have some knowledge, but today human is not a concern on people or children. They just do for sake of money, publicity.

Porn movies, crimes, non-sense videos that directly affect the worm-blood youngsters.


Abhil said
With the rapid development of science and technology, the television has become the indispensable part of our daily lives, no matter adults or children, who prefer to watch TV programs as recreation and a best way to alleviate stress. However, recently, an increasing number of people commit crimes due to watching too much violent plots on the TV programs. Therefore, whether the government should restrict the contents about violence and pornography in the television is a matter of some dispute. From my point of view, these contents should be forbidden immediately.

As we all know, youngsters are the principal group affected by these violent plots. Children\'s psychologies are still immature and unformed, they are unable to distinguish between right and wrong, eventually, excessive violence in the media does have a simple, direct stimulus-response effect on the young people. As a result, youngsters will imitate the scenes and actions of violence and crimes in TV programs, thus becoming criminals. Similarly, such kinds of programs have negative influence on adults as well. Although adults possess higher ability to judge right from wrong and have stronger self-control, once they are exposed to such violent plots too much, they will just become numb and take it for granted. In deed, many cases of adult crimes were the result of films or television.

Apart from the detrimental effect on people, there is a noticeable negative influence on society. Harmonious society as a whole needs all the people\'s efforts. In fact, many real-life cases of crimes remind us that only by hiring more policemen to maintain order would not have the desired results and even aggravate the financial burden on the country. Therefore, governments should take action to control these violent contents on the media.

To draw a conclusion, scenes of violence in TV programs are indeed harmful to both individuals and societies that government should strictly control the quality of programs.

Musyi said: 
I partially agree. It's because in this world it had bad and good. So we need the act of the violence because it to show to world what is happening around us. The bad effect is to the children because they very easily addicted to what's is happening around them, and that's why certain production give a warning that certain age only can see it. And that depends on parents to guide our child.


Shameera said: 
According to me, its all about human mindset, after all, we are grown-ups and we know what to accept and what to reject. Maybe, on television, they will have to make crimes a part of, to explain the situation. We come to know of all these violence happening in this world only via television.

So my point is, it is accepted only if is that much needed.


Akhil said: 
If at all violence is to be banned then yes boxing, wrestling are Olympic events then there is an issue raising on banning those events. That means killing the boxers and wrestlers talents.


Sanskar said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
No, its good because of some violent pictures related to the soldiers. So they should know the sacrifices done by the soldiers.


Maneesha said: 
Hello, everyone.

In my point, if view in films there should not show violence and crime scenes. Because it is ok for majors who are at maturity stage but what about children. They will quickly learn whatever they see. They will be easily addicted to that. They have very sensitive minds.


Rocky Samuel said: 
Showing violence on TV is an encouragement to youngsters in this generation. It doesn't help them to study but it just makes them look like a fool. For Ex. A boy drives a car and drifts for a long time and if the tires get too heated the tires melt and it leads to an accident for the driver.


Sivakumar.Ch said: 
In my point of view, crimes are not related to the act like movies and serials. It's mainly based on human mindset and growing surround environment, addictive alcohols, drugs. These things addicting human some times deviate manners, moral values.


Poop said:
I strongly believe that what is happening is terrible they should cut things out and even get rid of things.


Nivetha Karthikeyan said:  
According to my point, films are only imaginary. We don't compare with real world. In television, news is only thing that is real except all are imaginary. Every coin has two phases. One is good aspect other is bad aspect. When our mind is good, don't let them go to violence and crimes. Otherwise it goes. All are depend upon only our mind not on film and television.


Showing violence and crime scene should be allowed in movie because movie is an entertainment. That crimes are happening in our society so we should aware about that as every coin has two face positive and the negative it depends upon the viewers thought, as well as the censor board is not allowing to watch a certificate movie below age of 18, without violence, crime, love stories its not movie. It should be allowed up to a certain limit.


Pratiksha said:
I think because of showing such a violence it affect the minds of small children and they may go on wrong path.


Hitendra said: 
Hi friends,

Showing violence and crimes is the basic themes of the film and television industry for entertainment but I think it has good as well as bad or adverse affect similar like two phases of a coin. It is good because it teach and give solution to get out of such trouble like crime, rapes and violence to viewer in one other way.

But sometime the people take the negative character of film as their personality and start acting like of him and start fighting with other, making gangs, violence, rapes and crime but he didn't know that there is vast difference in reality and fake film stories.


Harsh said: 
In my view showing violence in right manner on TV is not harm children and youth, children's and youth know what is wrong or right parents and social media teach them. By just showing in movie is not harm they take as a film character which is wrong.


Hari said: 
Violence is effect to youth spoiled their life but their parents keep on advice them understand view of violence and crime. When they watch TV in violence and crime before think about that is not useful for them. Violence and crime on TV is very waste time but they share to talk solving problems in violence. Stay positive things.


Asif Rahman said: 
Violence is not always a bad option to deal with some situations. Sometimes violence is a better way out than over tolerance. Because people who are busy in increasing your troubles in daily life, exalt you in the degree of cowardness. If MOVIES are showing violence to reveal the good, moral and ethical aspects of violence, coherent like whistle blowing etc then I don't think there is any problem to show such things in movies.

Talking about crime, if they are showing crime to aware people with a threatening moral to the public that after watching what happened to criminal at the end, people will not even dare to dream to try those crimes in real life.

Instead of raising our loud voice to band the "violent and crime" scenes, we should have be more concern about to stop showing "THE ADULT CONTENT AND NAKEDNESS OF WOMEN & NUDITY" which is ridiculously popular and important content of movies, which are proving a big hand to ruin ethical balance of our society & locality.

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Hilal Valapuram said: 
Violence are dangerous. It must be avoided in films. It plays a major role in the characters of growing children. So parents must look after their kids on seeing those films. It's my comment.


Amita said:
Now a days so many TV shows and so many TV channels are showing violence and crime reports over TV all our youths and kids are getting spoiled, we see our kids are glued to TV serials and others they have stopped playing outdoor games as well, this will all put bad impact on kids as well as on youths obviously violence increases.


Aditya said: 
I think that there is no harm in showing violence in films and TV. Now a days kids and teenagers are linked with social media where they get aware of what's happening around them which is the reality, so they are so much socially active that they will not be offended if they are shown the reality of violence in TV and films.

However films can come up with a decent moral interrelated with the crime shown. This can help children to cope up with the situations if they face any and ultimately help them to grow a tough person.


Faheem said
Show violence on TV is right because today's entertainment shows are very close the reality except the soap serials it has become the mirror of the society. Though the children are very affected by what they see on TV but it does nit mean that we rule out the violence from TV and its their right children right to know what exactly happens in the society but what can be done is to not over exceed the limit of violence in the content this may make the child coward.


Gurnam Singh said: 
All of you are right. I am in favour and against this.

Showing violence and crimes in television and in cinema is not bad. By viewing all these peoples are aware from the consequences of these crimes and violence. Peoples are also aware from the crimes which are going on in society.

But the bad thing that by nature human beings are easily adopt the bad things. Once they see, they try it in life, which is not good for that person and for his society.

But it is depand on the man to man. Well-educated people understand the effects of these things, but others are not know.

So friends these are not totally banned, but this should be in limit.


Vinayak Soni said:
No Showing Violence and Crimes should be allowed in films and on television. Because these scenes are just for entertainment and it is on we people that how we take it as. If these are practically practiced in life than it is not the fault of the producer but if these are practiced than strict actions should be taken against the culprits.


Kayla said: 
I believe violence and other medias shouldn't be allowed because its making it seem like its okay to do the and especially for kids because they do not know any better. And plus maybe the parents would even know what the child is really watching and they will not focus they will care about television more than education and it shouldn't be allowed.