Which serves a country most: a teacher or a soilder ?​​​​​​​

Which serves a country most: a teacher or a soilder ?​​​​​​​


Which serves a country most: a teacher or a soilder?

1st student opinion

A teacher serves the country the most.Without a teacher , a child won,t know how to speak, how to walk, how to develop hos attitude, let holding the guns be far away from this subject.Here the teacher is Mother.Without her, a soldier who was once a child wouldn’t know how to walk, speak, do his own things, give respect. So when he would have grown up, he wouldn’t have been a soldier as he is now.

Now coming to the teacher part, without her teacher he wouldn’t be educated.So he couldn’t give exams of defense and passing the exam is far away. So a teacher produces a soldier, not a soldier produces a teacher.Even after getting into defense, he would have needed someone to teach him, how to shoot, how to aim, how to train. So at that time, although a soldier teaches them these things, but he is a teacher then, not a soldier.So without teachers, our world wouldn’t have been, the way they are, now.


2nd student opinion

Basically, this is not a yes or no question, As we are in a society every one plays a crucial role.

Teacher is some one who educates the society whereas a soilder protects the society . We couldn't imagine a nation without them.

They both are the pillars of the nation and serve the nation equally.

Note:Ignore my mistakes…

3rd student opinion

A society works most effectively when people have training and acces to jobs to which they are well suited - whether teacher or soldier or physician or janitor. We could no more have a society where everyone was a teacher than if everyone was a soldier. Take pride in your job and be a blessing to those around you.

4th student opinion

Serving a country,every individual in the country serves in one or other means, which I feel personally. Coming to the question Teacher or solider,obviously Teacher he/she can make things impossible to possible by their teachings and motivation.One good teacher can make hundreds of soliders.

We all know about the great teacher Acharya chanakya whose teachings influenced everyone at that time and till today we are getting influenced.

5th student opinion

Originally Answered: Who can serve our country better, teachers or soldiers?

In times of peace: Teachers, In times of war: Soldiers but they equally important for a country. Good education system and staff are very important for a country to develop and get stronger. Good armed force is a nessesity for a country to defend itself from outer or inner dangers but good teachers are more important than good soldiers. Nearly everything in a country are dependent on teachers’ and education system’ quality.

6th student opinion

Originally Answered: Who is the most useful to a country, a teacher or a soldier?

Analysis will always be intangible to this question. Importance of teacher though supersedes the later as in a teacher has an influence over all the segments of a society and contribution is on a larger frontage. To be good soldier there are certain attributes that can only be inculcated through a good teacher so therefore to produce good soldiers, good teachers are mandatory and it's not vice versa.

However good soldiers are a segment of a society and there attributes cannot be transferred as there is no plate form. Legacy of a good martial nation will be strong borders however legacy of a teacher is a good groomed nation which bears fruit in all walks of life including soldering.

7th student opinion

Originally Answered: Who can serve our country better, teachers or soldiers?

This is really an asnine question to be asking. First of all soldiers are trained on a daily basis for hand on hand combat, soldiering, job training and weapons training. It all depends on the teacher. Did that teacher serve in the military prior to teaching? Humans are versatile in their adaptable structures and can learn new skills. Survival skills. But for a teacher to serve this country is based on the person. Anybody with knowledge can teach; if desire to do so. A soldier leads in war activities bc of training received. However handing a loaded weapon to a regular joe shmo. Without proper soldering and training will most likely have a surprise of their life in front of them.


8th student opinion

Originally Answered: Who serves the country the best, a soldier or a teacher?

Apples and oranges.

I agree heartily with Jeff Nash’s fine response.

If you look critically at any organization, we are truly more a beehive than a pyramid when it comes to fulfilling the purpose of the organization.

My school district is fairly large. Any of the upper administration or the teachers could be gone for several days, and the place would still function. But let a secretary or a custodian be out for even a day, and there is a definite hitch in the git-along.

Ever watch a NASCAR race on TV? Who is more important, the driver or the pit crew, the announcer or the flaggers, the maintenance people who deal with the bleachers and buildings or the cusodians who deal with the trash of thousands?

We all count.